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What will I do on Weekend drills?

On weekends, we keep up to date on scheduled services, take classroom training and maintain work areas and polish our skills. This allows us to maintain a state of readiness in the event of deployment or disaster.

Tank crews conduct training on high-tech simulators. One is the Mobile Conduct-of-Fire Trainer (MCOFT). This is a tank simulator in a mobile tractor-trailer. It is within scale of a real tank interior and employs the use of computer simulated graphics to simulate battlefield conditions. Also used is the Abrams Fire Integration Simulation Trainer. This is a simulator for outdoor use and provides more realistic environment for simulation.

Mortars may attend fire drills at Ft Indiantown Gap. Scouts conduct field training and patrol missions. Communications maintains unit radio and signal equipment that is necessary for communications in the field.

Weekend drills provide unit members that chance to further educate themselves within their MOS and allows the HHC to be ready to EXPEDITE!