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Welcome to the Scouts!

Platoon Battle Roster
This page displays the Platoon personnel. Each section is shown with the Section Leader's vehicle first, the driver, and the gunner. The Team Leader's vehicle next in the same order. The Platoon has five sections: HQ, A, B, C, D

Headquarters Section

Platoon Leader 1LT Carnes

Platoon Sergeant SSG Saylor

SPC Schnars, SPC Kraynak, SPC Kuhns

Alpha Section

SGT Gindlesperger, SPC Weyandt, SGT Spehar, SPC Davis, PVT Hrubochuk

Bravo Section

SPC Hopkins, PFC Shoemaker, SGT Guelich, SPC Clement

Charlie Section

SSG Fisher, SGT Mangus, SPC Tremel, SGT Beiswenger, SPC Pritchett

Delta Section

SSG Smith, PFC Gillin, SPC Blackie, SSG Anthony, SPC Snedden, PFC Karlheim

click here for full size pictureThis is a Pic of the Scout Platoon during Annual Training 2000 at Fort Drum, NY.  To see this and other photos visit our photo page.