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Headquarters Company 1st Battalion 103d Armor

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Pennsylvania Army National Guard
Headquarters Company 1st Battalion 103d Armor
565 Walters Ave - Johnstown, Pa. 15904


Welcome to Headquarters Company 1-103. Our site is designed to add a line of communications to our current members and also to educate the public about educational incentives and career positions within the HHC. If you are looking to earn 100% of your college education, the PA Army National Guard is the only place that offers this to our soldiers. Enjoy our site and please remember to sign our register before you leave. EXPEDITE!

HHC Communicator

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This web site is designed for the intent and purpose of communication for the HHC 1st BN 103d Armor, Pennsylvania Army National Guard. This site is designed and maintained by SPC Cullen for the Pa Army National Guard, HHC 1st BN 103d Armor. This World Wide Website is intended for Public viewing, communication and education. Unauthorized attempts to upload or change this website or portions thereof is punishable by Federal Law. All images depicting the Pa Army National Guard are protected under copyright.