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Forms and Publications

Requires Adobe Acrobat. Get it here for free.

DA Forms

Form Title Format Size
DA 31 Request and Authority for Leave Acrobat, .PDF 57K
DA 160-R Application for Active Duty Acrobat, .PDF 40K
DA 1058-R Application for Active Duty for Training, Active Duty for Special Work, and Annual Training for Soldiers of the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 1380 Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 1506 Statement of Service - For Computation of Length of Service for Pay Purposes Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 2171-E Request for Tuition Assistance - Army Continuing Education System Word .DOC 50k
DA 2173 Statement of Medical Examination and Duty Status Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 4037 Officer Record Brief (ORB)
- Acrobat, .PDF format
- Word. DOC format
Acrobat, .PDF 17K
Word .DOC 53K
DA 4187 Personnel Action Acrobat, .PDF 28K
DA 4651-R Request for Reserve Component Assignment or Attachment Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 5261-4-R Student Loan Repayment Program Addendum Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 5500-r Body Fat Content Worksheet (Male) Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 5501-r Body Fat Content Worksheet (Female) Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 5960 Authorization to start or stop Basic Allowance for Housing Acrobat, .PDF  
DA 7349-R Initial Medical Review - Annual Medical Certificate Acrobat, .PDF 29K
* Note: Additional DA forms are available from the Army Publications Web site at

DD Forms

Form Title Format Size
DD 137 Application for Basic Allowance for Quarters for Members with Dependents Acrobat, .PDF  
DD 261 Report of Investigation-Line of Duty and Misconduct Status Acrobat, .PDF  
DD 368 Conditional Release Acrobat, .PDF  
DD 1351-2 Travel Settlement Voucher Acrobat, .PDF  
DD 1883 SBP election form Acrobat, .PDF  
DD 2058 State of Legal Residence Certificate Acrobat, .PDF  
DD 2168 Discharge of Member or Survivor of Member of Group Certified to have Performed Active Duty with the Armed Forces of the United States Acrobat, .PDF  
DD 2475 DOD Educational Loan Repayment Program Annual Application Acrobat, .PDF  
* Note: Additional DD forms are available at

Other Forms

Form Title Format Size
ACAP DATA Request for TDY orders to attend the Army Career & Alumni Program (ACAP) Word .DOC 21K
ARPC 155-R Promotion Qualification Statement Word .DOT 72K
ARPC 1259 Pay Scale Effective 1 July 2001, Approximate Point Value for Retirement Benefits Acrobat, .PDF 9K
ARPC 2363-1 Retirement Points Accounting System (RPAS) TPU Information Word .DOT 27 K
ARPC 3725E Army Reserve Status and Address Verification Word .DOC 48K
ARPC 3924 Individual Active Duty Certificate of Performance Word .DOC 31K
ARPC 3925 Fact Sheet - Base Pay and Allowances Acrobat, .PDF 10K
SF 180 Request Pertaining to Military Records Acrobat, .PDF  
SF 1199A Direct Deposit Authorization Acrobat, .PDF  
SGLV 8286 Servicemen's Group Life Insurance Election and Certificate Acrobat, .PDF  
Transition Leave Request Transition Leave Request Word .DOC 21K

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