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Message from the Top

HHC Soldiers,

     Here are a few notes to think about and plan for upcoming drill (3-4Nov01). These notes should be relayed to all your soldiers in the section or platoon prior to drill. This will keep them informed of the upcoming events.

- Leaders meeting at 07:00 on the 3rd and 4th. ALL SECTIONS SHOULD HAVE SOMEONE PRESENT!

- No Commander's call for Nov. but there will be one on Dec. 4

- All sections and platoons must have NBC tasks on their traiing schedule

- An in-rank inspection and D&C should happen every Sunday morning.

- Newsletter info will be due at close of business on the 3rd. NO EXCUSES!

- The retirement dinner is on the 17th of Nov. Anyone wishing to go must bring their money in this drill weekend. We have seven soldiers retiring and we should thank them for their service.

- Mortars will have their AT medical screening completed this drill weekend. SFC Kubic make arrangements to have a time you would like that to happen and e-mail it to SFC Showalter.

- Just a reminder Class A's will be worn for the Christmas dinner. All soldiers should be at the dinner. That means platoon sergeants on down. Soldiers should not miss this event. Inspect your soldiers this weekend to insure their uniform is complete and correct.

     This year has quickly moved along and we are one drill from our Christmas dinner. I know we have done a lot of work and are asked to accomplish more every time we meet. Continue to accept and accomplish all missions. The CO and I are very happy with the performance of the company and know this will continue in the future. See you at drill!

Lead by example

1SG Stan Pakstis

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