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HHC 1st Battalion 103rd Armor; this unit is responsible for insuring that the four armor companies have all necessary equipment and support needs to win on the battlefield. 

I am the First Sergeant of this great unit. My name is 1SG Stan Pakstis and I have the great opportunity to work in HHC. I was a tanker prior to taking the 1SG job at HHC, so I have had the chance to work in tanks and now insure the tankers get what they need.

This unit provides medical, scout, mortar, communication, maintenance, transportation, fuel, mess and all types of supplies and management support. This unit insures the success of all the line units of the battalion. There are many types of job opportunities for any soldier. With the diverse job opportunities anyone can find the job they would like to perform. If you think you have the courage, candor, commitment, and competence: call us at 814-533-2353. Accept the challenge!


1SG Stan Pakstis